Sunday, October 23, 2011

Annoying Tyrants since 2006

This was captured on 17th October at my other place.
Well here I go again, dumped again by the yids, amazing that I had such a long stretch this time, I recently pegged 100,000 hits for the approximately 12 months that it lasted, I think it was about 101600+ when they shut me down this time. I have a dot com, however, it has some sort of flag on it telling me it has been disabled because of content that has been filtered, or something like that, there's a number to call, but fuck that. I just re-deploy. I was shut down less than an hour ago and here I am posting against the tyrants already; scrape the shit off your boots people and march on!

I will be posting a Libya piece soon, I am just waiting on some info' from reliable source.

Truth is not open to negotiation!


v 4 veritas


musique said...

Not again?? Were you selling soaps made out of ....again? {evil evil grin!}

Free cuzzie & Free Palestine, indeed!

v4veritas said...

Hey musique,...Cuzzie, fancy you being my first comment at the gnu digz, mi casa su caasaaaa, coooeee!

Fuck'em, we march on cuz!


Noor al Haqiqa said...

I got to your old page a moment ago just fine and easy. Think I left a comment but not sure... too much of an air head to remember definitely.

Well, don't just sit here, start stirring it up again!

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Is the old shop marching on zombie like then v? I was over there a short while ago and got a good ref out of winstonsmith via whop+dares+wings that I'd been after for a while.

What gives?

Anyway are duly sidebarred, man that's a terrible sounding word!

John Friend said...

LMAO @ musique!

Hey veritas! WTF?! These fuckers are hassling you huh? To tell you the truth, I don't think I've ever had any problems with Blogger or Farce-book (man I like that!). Sorry to hear about this bullshit! I do like the new place though.

Carry on brother!