Sunday, October 23, 2011

Annoying Tyrants since 2006

This was captured on 17th October at my other place.
Well here I go again, dumped again by the yids, amazing that I had such a long stretch this time, I recently pegged 100,000 hits for the approximately 12 months that it lasted, I think it was about 101600+ when they shut me down this time. I have a dot com, however, it has some sort of flag on it telling me it has been disabled because of content that has been filtered, or something like that, there's a number to call, but fuck that. I just re-deploy. I was shut down less than an hour ago and here I am posting against the tyrants already; scrape the shit off your boots people and march on!

I will be posting a Libya piece soon, I am just waiting on some info' from reliable source.

Truth is not open to negotiation!


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